Margaret Olszowy, founder of Margret DeKate, has been deeply immersed in the fashion industry since childhood. Born in Lodz, Poland, a city renowned for its textile manufacturing, she began accompanying her Grandmother to work in a textile factory at age 5, where her passion for fabrics was ignited and her aesthetic eye developed.

After completing high school, Margaret attended Technicum Ceramiczne where she studied technology of glass and ceramics. Upon graduation, she relocated to Paris and fell deeply in love with the city’s celebrated fashion scene. Its vast abundance of small, elegant boutiques inspired Margaret to develop a deep passion for high-end fabrics and a sophisticated sense of style and luxury. She became heavily inspired by the work of classic fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani and Hubert Givenchy, striving to someday produce her very own exquisite, top-quality clothing line. In 1983, Margaret emigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her education at DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Thereafter, she worked in the fashion retail business and knew immediately that she had found her true niche. She also began designing personalized clothing for her own use during this time, utilizing her cultivated aesthetic intuition and expertise in luxury fabrics to create perfect-fitting, one-of-the kind pieces. By wearing her designs in public on a regular basis, Margaret generated a great deal of intrigue and amazement surrounding her work.

In 2015, Margaret decided to launch her independent fashion design career with the Margaret DeKate clothing line. Her brand’s first fashion show appearance was during the 2019 Tokyo Fashion Wear Expo in Japan, where her designs were a smash success. In fact, she generated so much attention that her collection was featured on the cover photo of the Expo’s follow-up brochure.
Margaret continuous to evolve the Margaret DeKate brand and is committed to producing the best luxury clothing, providing outstanding customer service and presenting the most innovative yet classic aesthetics in each of her designs.