Margaret Olszowy, founder of Margaret DeKate women's clothing brand, literally grew up in the fashion business. She was born in Lodz, Poland, a city renowned for manufacturing textiles.  When  she was 5, she lived with her Grandmother, who worked at a textile factory and  took Margaret with her, rather than leave her home alone. 

Every night, Margaret nestled into the huge pile of bolts of fabrics to sleep,

where her love of textiles and passion for fashion already began to blossom.

After high school, Margaret attended Technikum Ceramiczne, where she studied technology of art glass and ceramic. When she graduated, she went to live in Paris for the summer, where a whole new world opened up to her. 

For the first time, she discovered Parisian style, taste, fashion and luxury.  Every day, wandered the most fashionable districts and explored tiny, elegant boutiques where she could touch and feel the luxury fabrics she adored. 

All around her, the effortless style of French women inspired her awe and admiration.

And that summer she discovered and fell in love with Giorgio Armani and Hubert Givenchy, the two designers who, for the rest of her life, who be her greatest inspirations for classic, elegant design and exquisite fabrics.  Her deepest dream was to become part of it all.

In 1982, in the midst of political turmoil and repression, martial law, and economic upheaval and hardship in Poland, Margaret emigrated to the United States along with many of her countrymen, who hoped for a better and more peaceful life. 

Living in Chicago, she completed her education at DePaul University, with a B.A. degree.  She began working in the fashion retail business, and knew immediately that she had found her life niche. 

She began designing her own clothing, always using superb, luxurious fabrics and focusing on elegant design and perfect fit.  Margaret  started wearing her own creations to work and got complements from more and more people, mostly her retail clients who wanted to know where she shopped for her outfits. 

As a result of constant complements from her clients and encouragement from her friends, Margaret decided to launch her fashion design career.  She registered her brand as Margaret DeKate, and immediately presented her first collection on You Tube.  

Margaret's first brand exposure at a show was the 2019 Tokyo Fashion Wear Expo, where her designs were a smash success.  She generated so much attention, her pieces were featured on the cover photo on the follow up Expo brochure.

During the expo, many Japanese women asked her which stores in Tokyo carried her line.  The buyers wanted to know her vision and business philosophy. 

Her answer was always the same. 

The Margaret DeKate brand is all about clothing that is effortlessly stylish, classic and timeless, elegant with a strong aesthetics, and made of only the most superb fabrics. 

In a Margaret DeKate design, a woman feels confident and stunning, and knows that she will be noticed – without trying at all.