Established in 2015, high-end women's fashion brand Margaret DeKate was born of the deep love and appreciation of timeless classics, while recognizing the need for new, creative and sophisticated interpretations for the modern woman, wherever in the world she may be. 

Before she speaks a single word, a woman's clothing introduces her.  Clothing speaks volumes about her personality, her intellect, her culture, her personal power, her sense of self. 

In an increasingly global arena, we are dedicated to helping today's modern woman convey all that and more through superb quality, effortless elegance, and international sophistication. 

Our deep love and appreciation for the classics gave us the foundation for timeless looks in the simplest forms.  A passion for creativity, color, unexpected details move those classic shapes into a decidedly modern and highly personal interpretation. 

Margaret DeKate offers women a range of witty, exquisite options for self-expression while guaranteeing the quality and sophistication to be effortlessly stylish wherever in the world she may be.